iron chef of stabby doom (lonelyguy18) wrote in walkedinon,
iron chef of stabby doom


so the fourth of july, huge cook out and party at my house, parents, brother, bunch of friends, lots of drinking and eating burger, the usual, so around nine-ish me and my date who are both very inebriated at that time, slink up to my room and start doing our thing (which was definitely some hot stuff) I hear the toilet flush because the bathroom is across from my bedroom, so I clamp a hand over her mouth, my brother kicks my door open while I'm doing her from behind while facing the door, to only see me with my hand over her mouth going hot and heavy, we finish up, and go outside to the party, my brother is laughing his balls off with his friends, and we get in a game of beirut, then the comment about the fireworks, and the goings on in my bedroom comes up, and my mother of all people ask me if it was good.
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