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Laugh go ahead I will sit and cry thanks

I was going on my first date with North* and (i know the first date) we were in his turck and he was fingereing me, sucking my chest, lah de dah. In the middle of it all I felt this little knick like he had scratched me but I didn't think anything of it and when I was finished I started going down on him. It was nice and all no worried. When I got home I took all my clothes off and there was blood in my underwear...I had just got done ragging so it turned out that the little scratch was quite the big deal. A couple days later North and I were talking and just all nonchalantly he said "you bled alittle" and he went on to trell me it got on his seats real bad. I was so mortified I dont think words could describe it. When I realized what had happened I was hoping with everything in me that it wouldnt be bad enough for him to notice but apparently it was. He said it was no big deal, he got it cleaned up and there would be a next time...how am I supposed to face him...I bloodied up his truck seat...oh gosh ---
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