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the comment links made me think of this.

okay theres a little bit of a story i have to tell before i tell this one. So my friend Vanna and a few other friends and I went swimming in the local lake. Well Vanna forgot her bathing suit so she changed into mine in my car.WELL....

I was with this guy,Harrison at the time. So he a few days earlier had said something about christening my car (i had just gotten it for graduation). I was game for the idea and so the next night, he and I went and found a cul-de-sac and went for it. WELL, midway through the night, hes on top of me looking down and all of a sudden he goes "What the hell?" He turns back and starts laughing. He had gotten his foot caught in Vanna's bra. Even more embarassing, what I thought was his shirt...was Vannas underwear.

I'm not sure who laughed more, him...or Vanna.

I still get teased for this.
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